lunes, abril 11, 2005

Nuestro candidato: Claudio Hummes

Newsweek mira hacia adelante y ve con nostalgia al pasado. Después de un Papado en que en que el Papa fue convertido en estrella mediática y en que el mundo ha convertido a la iglesia en otra opción en el mercado religioso, el catolicismo entra ahora al siglo XXI con herramientas del siglo XVI. Recordemos que hasta hace pocos años Galileo y Darwin fueron "disculpados". La revista muestra como los retos del pasado son nada con lo que viene:

"... Only God knows who will be chosen to lead the 1.1 billion members of the Roman Catholic Church at the conclave set to begin April 18, but Cardinal Egan's prayers for the present and the future are understandable. The first new pope of the third millennium will have to guide an entrenched and ancient institution through a modern world moving ever faster. Global terrorism makes the problems of Eastern-bloc communism feel as dated as black-and-white television, and the emergence of Islam as a force, both in its fundamentalist and moderate forms, will require a pontiff with considerable theological and diplomatic sophistication. Advances in science and medicine—particularly stem-cell research, reproductive technology and end-of-life care—make old conversations about the birth-control pill feel almost quaint, and a dire shortage of priests has left more than 55,000 parishes worldwide without a pastor. A quarter-century ago, in a passage of his will revealed last week, John Paul II wrote, "The times in which we live are indescribably difficult and troubled... as much for the Faithful, as much for the Pastors." Things have not gotten easier...."

Además presenta a alguien que bien creo podría ser el indicado para guiar este momento histórico:

"As the cardinals deliberate in Rome, the voices of the fractious faithful are growing louder. Priests in Latin America, where Catholics are fast losing ground to evangelical churches, say they want a new pope to address the problem of vocations. In Western Europe, bishops hope John Paul's successor will focus on re-evangelizing Catholics who have fallen away. In the United States, many Catholics pray that a new pope will speak to the dangers of secularization. Already, the voting cardinals are beginning to make their priorities known in homilies and veiled statements to the press. Before he boarded a plane to Rome last week, Cardinal Claudio Hummes, the Brazilian frequently mentioned as papabile (a possible candidate for pope), said, as television cameras rolled: "Scientists have made great advances during the papacy of Joo Paul II... The church has some ethical principles inherited from the Gospel. It cannot change the origins of faith. But the understanding of this faith can evolve."

Mi candidato, y ojalá gane es Hummes. La iglesia merece un franciscano progresista, y más si es de América Latina. Ojalá el Espíritu Santo favorezca.

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