domingo, abril 03, 2005

Porqué JP2 hubiera sido útil en el futuro

Jeff Wells reflexiona...

"... I'm wondering this morning why I'm finding this Pope's long goodbye so affecting. I'm not Roman Catholic; I'm more secular than not; I'm Left, not Right. I've written how the first John Paul, had he been allowed to serve his natural term, would have swept the Curia and the Vatican Bank of the corruption and the paedo-fascist Masonic conspirators he was shocked to find, which is precisely why he served all of a month. The second John Paul has seemed, rather, a pained enabler of the Luciferian excesses sheltered in the Church's "conservative" wing, while devoting the bulk of his energies to stamping out perceived liberal threats and liberation theologies. So why should the thought of Karol Wojtyla's Last Rights choke me up?

I'm thinking, perhaps, it's the same reason Bob Dylan has always affected me. Both have a burdensome vision of the Hell that's opening up beneath our feet, though they often haven't known what to do with their vision besides cradle their heads and lament. And I suppose I can relate to that...

... No. It's Hell Time now. No more next times; no more dread reckonings indefinitely deferred. The Republic is dead, the Earth is dying, and their killers are black magicians flying the skull and bones. With resigned clarity, Bob Dylan knows, and so does John Paul II. And perhaps, as well, I'm affected by this Pope's imminent death because I doubt the next one will bear his burden of knowledge."

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